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Technical Hackathon

Remember those all-night cramming sessions in college, when you would overcaffeinate, stay up for days, and muster all the focus you could to finish a paper or prepare for a test? Imagine a room full of computer programmers, developers, visionaries, and marketers doing the same thing for a day, a weekend, or even a full week.

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Business Hackathon

Hackathons are electric. People become fueled with the kind of excitement that can only be obtained by building something from scratch. Teams that begin as strangers find themselves holding hands and cheering together on the finale stage. The craziest ideas materialize from thin air into something real – and potentially profitable.

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Design Hackathon

Hackathons are creative platforms for creating new solutions and searching for a new perspective on how and which way the industry could advance in its improvements.a solid product strategy, and a clear presentation. And that is where designers come into place!

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Hackathon| ISQIHE'20 | DTU(DCE) |

Join hundreds of participants in the biggest ever ISQIHE Hackathon from Date: TBA.

A plenitude of opportunities where enthusiastic minds could brainstorm on solutions for challenging issues through technology. Put your skills to the test, and you could win amazing prizes and sharpen your competitive edge. So be ready to caffeinate, collaborate and celebrate. We at ISQIHE believe in encouraging the growing talent and by ISQIHE Hackathon we bring together, people with different outlook and solutions for already existing problems using technology and design. For 24 hours, you will work together with your teams to envision and develop the technology of tomorrow for solving the problems of today. Attractive prizes and awards to be presented for top winners in all 3 Tracks of the Summit

The main three tracks include:-

  1. Business Ideathon
  2. Technology Hackathon
  3. Designathon

The participants need to develop solutions for broad 7 topics:-

  1. Edu Tech
  2. Clean Tech
  3. Supply Chain Forecasting
  4. AI & ML
  5. IRPA (Intelligent Robotic Process Automation)
  6. Housing
  7. Sanitation

Date: TBA


Delhi Technological University, Shahbad Daulatpur, Bawana Road Delhi - 110042

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+91 9599827173

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